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TGS Manifesto Launch - Friends, Supporters, fellow design explorers!

For our launch we decided to take our tribe of creative friends to Aotu Space, a unique multipurpose establishment with a terrace (a rare view nowadays across historic hutong districts) located in Beixinqiao - just off the busy roads around Yonghegong (Lama Tample) and Guijie. Aotu has long been home to independent cultural events, exhibitions, screening programs, workshops and initatives that needed a place to be.

As Beijing tightens regulations and restrictions around the use and outlook of hutong-based outposts, we decided to team-up with Aotu's old friends, to celebrate together the life that creativity brings to this city.

Here are our friends! Although the upcoming holidays had taken some already out of town, many of our absolute favourite people were with us!

You will see them popping up again across news and updates of TGS!

(see who's who by clicking over these photos we took)


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