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OUR LABS - What we are exploring at B/Side Design Festival / 3DAYS

The labs are focused explorations around 3 core subject matters as continued areas of practice that will be further developed by TGS in future months. They have been organized by TGS team to become bluprints of conversations among participants of different backgrounds in both the design and social sectors.

RURAL IMAGINARIES - Breaking Down the Rural Paradigm

THE OTHER DESIGN (ZONE of EMPATHY) - Hybrid Usership: design thinking & its moving targets

COLLECTIVISM X.0 - Community, After Disruption

Each lab hosts 16 co-action makers, from university students, PhDs, researchers and young entrepreneurs, practitioners and social workers with experiences in NGOs, start-ups as well as memeber of the Le Ping Foundation for social innovation which is co-hosting this event with TGS.

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