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RURAL IMAGINARIES - Rethinking Rural Innovation / LAB 1


Super(Rural)Market is a call for action in addressing rural exclusion through the development of new hypotheses for Rural Innovation. The premise being, can Rural Innovation drive an indigenous entrepreneurialism of products and services by the rural, for the rural?


Directed by TGS own Neill McLean Gaddes and Benjamin Beller, a design strategist and an architect, the first Lab looks at the archetype of the market as institution, system, and space as a lens to understand innovation within the non-urban.

Through a series of discourses and responses the lab looks to break down the imaginaries of the rural, distilling the thoughts and cases of practitioners and thinkers in the field, uncovering instances of potential for innovation. The intent is for this cross-pollination of ‘thought-for-good’ to inform new or interesting ideas and processes, opening up a more nuanced understanding of how Rural Innovation can be encouraged, and what it can achieve in todays China.

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