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Salon series #beautifulfailures

The Salon series is an integral part of our program at BIFT, where we explore topics relevant to design practice with a group of creators from various fields. Hosted in the small theatre inside the School of Art&Design, each salon tackles one of the 6 #topics we have set. On November 21 our first session was all about 'beautiful failures' - we ventured into mishaps, mistakes, leftovers and failed experiments and how they can become productive conditions of creation. Our speakers were an intriguing mix of designers that work in and out of China - Céline Lamée, graphic designer and head of Lava Beijing, Henny van Nistelrooy, product and space maker running his own studio and brand, and Enrico Ancilli, architect and co-founder of the Berlin and Beijing based Studio O. Wonderous backstage stories were revealed!

Céline Lamée – Lava Beijing / visual design |

Henny van Nistelrooy – Studio HVN / products and spaces |

Enrico Ancilli – Studio O / architecture atelier |

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