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Salon series #flexibleprinciples

In this second Salon on December 11 we ventured into ‘flexible principles’ and looked at adaptability and fluidity, unexpected factors and misunderstandings that enter the creative process, and how design is involved into challenging our relations to objects, spaces and situations.

Our speakers included Jenny Chou and Catherine McMahon from ATLAS Studio, a design and architecture atelier engaged in processes that range from objects- to place-making, Rania Ho artist, curator and co-founder of the legendart Beijing independent art space Arrow Factory, and Ruben Lundgren, a photographer, curator and bookmaker who together with Martin Parr co-edited The Chinese Photobook.

Jenny Chou & Catherine Mcmahon – ATLAS Studio / architecture & design atelier |

Rania Ho / artist and curator |

Ruben Lundgren / photographer and curator |

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