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Exhibition Design | Significant Others

With 152 students and almost as many individual projects, we teamed up with studios FIELD and mono who collaboratively have developed the exhibition design that we at The Global School have art directed under Bea's curatorial spell! :)

A Project for the Students Community: A Modular and Reusable Exhibition System

Responding to the curatorial brief that organizes 152 students’ projects in 6 main thematic areas, the exhibition design developed by the architecture practice FIELD in collaboration with mono office, is a flexible and modular system that accommodates ideas in an adaptive social space.

The modular surfaces, walls, tables, screens and cabinets, become environments for both display and social interaction, a re-configurable and reusable system that can be inhabited in various ways.

Each of the 6 thematic areas is given a specific spatial character – enclosed, open, linear, broken, according to the contents it features, thus guiding the viewing experience while leaving room for students and visitors to appropriate the interstitial areas at their will.

The show is hosted in two large rooms, the spacious lobby of the main building in the BIFT campus and in an adjacent exhibition hall, each featuring three of the overall six chapters.

The structures have been designed so that the entire scenography can be later recycled for various uses in the campus, in classrooms, laboratories as well as in the outdoors.


ABOUT The 2019 Grad Show | Significant Others – Incomplete by Design

Significant Others – Incomplete by Design investigates the shape-shifting nature of design as a feat of relentless mediation between the individual and the collective spheres.

Crafted at the intersection of multiple needs, interests and desires, incompleteness is here intended as a positive formula of open-endedness, co-action and a promise of mutual fulfillment. It looks at how the syntax and ambitions of design change when we embrace the idea that today’s minimum unit of social measure is no longer the averaged singularity of data-driven usership, but the vulnerable and dispositional plurality of a community.

Significant Others is the main theme of the 2019 Grad Show of the School of Art & Design at BIFT, and part of the relevant one-year program developed by The Global School (Beijing) and curated by Beatrice Leanza.

Thematic Areas:

1. OUR FOOD – The Psychology and Systems of Everyday Consumption

2. A SENSE OF PLACE – From the ‘The Third City’’ to Novel Urban and Rural Paradigms

3. THE RESILIENT POWER OF LANGUAGE – Communication Across Cultural and Digital Divides

4. FUTURESCAPES: Social Narratives and Storytelling between Facts & Fiction

5. WE CARE: Health, Environment and the Making of Social Trust

6. THE ‘’PLACE’’ OF LEARNING - Redrawing Paths of Knowledge

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