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Reading on China

If you are looking for refreshed perspectives on what is going on with Chinese creative and intellectual movements, don't miss out this new publication edited and produced by NGV (National Gallery of Victoria) Melbourne.

Here from the publishers:

"It is without question that China is today synonymous with change. The past forty years in China – whether in terms of its geopolitical influence and economic position, or the complexion of life within the country – can be seen as a watershed time in modern history. This comes as the world gears up to face new challenges, which will be felt across societies globally, leading some to dub the twenty-first century the ‘Chinese century’.Recognising that art and design have a unique and sometimes contested role in shaping Chinese society, The Centre: On Art and Urbanism in China is a collection of newly commissioned texts that examine modes of creative production, exhibition, curating, collecting and urban transformation, against a backdrop of critical perspectives on the historical moment and speculative futures.This volume features a range of key Chinese practitioners working today across art, design and architecture, and acts as an entry point to ongoing engagement with contemporary China."

Bea from our team contributed an essay on urbanism, architecture and social engagement.

You can buy the book online at the NGV Store.

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