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An unprecedented project organized by:

The Palace Museum (Beijing) & Phoenix TV

with Bank of China (Hong Kong) as chief charity partner


Exhibition Curated by: 

Beatrice Leanza | B/Side Design

July 26 – August 25, 2019

Asian World Expo – Hall 3 | Hong Kong

A Day in An Open City.jpg

Organizers: The Palace Museum, Phoenix TV

Chief Charity Partner: Bank of China (Hong Kong)

Supported by: Home Affairs Bureau

Promotion Support: Hong Kong Tourism Board

Venue Support: Asia World Expo

Executive Organizer: Phoenix Digital Technology, 

The Forbidden City Publishing House

Co-organizer: Phoenix Exhibitions


“Springtime Along the River“ 清明上河图 is one of the most iconic works in world art history preserved in the collection of The Palace Museum in Beijing‘ s Forbidden City, a hand-scroll painting attributed to the artist Zhang Zeduan and completed around the beginning of the 11th century.


A masterpiece of literary and visual depiction measuring 5.28m in length and 24.8cm in height, ”Springtime Along The River“ is a repository of situated historical knowledge around the cultural, economic and social ecologies of a large metropolis in the 11th century, i.e. Bianjing, the capital of the Northern Song Dynasty that is today Kaifeng city.

Co-organized by The Palace Museum (Beijing) and Phoenix TV with Bank of China (HK) as chief charity partner, the project is hosted in a 4000sqm hall at the Asian World Expo, where the unprecedented exhibition A Day in An Open City together with a relevant Library section curated by Beatrice Leanza accompanies the monumental Hayday Scroll a 2.5 digital animation of the painting presented on a 5m high and 30m long ultra-high-definition projection previously shown in Beijing, and a 180-degree Dome Theater that allows visitors to experience a virtual boat ride on the Bian river, both developed by Phoenix Digital Technology.

The space also hosts an events area that will feature programs on various topics relevant to the paintings and Song Dynasty, an area for kids dubbed Song Dynasty Park and a gift shop with newly designed items. 

Download Press Announcement HERE​ 

Download Exhibition Press Release HERE



Chief Curator:

Beatrice Leanza – B/Side Design |

Space & Exhibition Design:

Remix Studio |

VI Design:

Studio NA.EO |


Special Installations:

ATLAS / BenWu Studio / FIELD / HVN Studio /  LAVA Beijing / MAX Office / MAT Office /  Pinwu Design Studio / Weestar Studio /  Nod Young

Springtime Along the River_ qing'min清明上河图_section

Image: central section of Springtime Along the River 清明上河图, featuring the river and the Rainbow bridge.
Collection of The Palace Museum (Beijing)

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