B/Side Design, Beijing

B/Side Design is an international organization developing and implementing strategies of urban and social impact targeting untapped areas of economic development in the context of the People’s Republic of China.


By leveraging transectorial coalitions across public, private and corporate networks invested in the sustainability of future cities, it tailor-makes context-sensitive programs and contents for urban communities and stakeholders.

B/Side Design is based in Beijing. 

What we are working on:

B/Side Design tackles an uncharted territory of socio-economic transformations by way of an integrated business ecosystem composed of B/side Research, B/side Education and B/side Things.

The first core projects to launch in this composite framework are:

1. a think-tank - Experimental Research Bureau

2. an independent institute dedicated to design and creative research - The Global School 

3. an Incubator for Social Innovation under B/side Things and connected to The Global School


With a team of China-based experts of decades-long experience and direct reach to a wide international network of institutions, companies and KOLs from the industry of design at large, B/Side Design is uniquely positioned to assess the specificity of social needs, official agendas and thereof the impact of strategies for their implementation, with disruptive/adaptive precision.

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Founded in late 2017, B/Side Design is an inclusive initiative that engages directly socio-economic protocols of change, engineers their impact and implementation, by factoring in future predicaments of transformation –  that is by assisting views of straightforward, linear planning with the hidden, unpredictable, dispositional character of cultural and social making.


B/Side Design therefore targets three core economies of knowledge and value-making by working with real-world predicaments and practical case studies found in the Chinese urban and rural contexts, to experiment, inspire and contribute with localized strategies to widespread problems of urban development and global relevance.


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