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The Global School/Beijing - new contents and updates!

Hi there!!

We have been silent around these pages for the past months, but for good reasons as we were busy setting up new projects and collaborations.

We have started updating our website with all the exiciting things that have been in the making and are awaiting us in the coming months.

Please do keep an eye out for regualar news here from now on.

We have just opened an Instagram account at Tgsbeijing - we will use it as our main outreach tool into the non-Chinese speaking world (for now at least), together with our irregular newsletter, so make sure to sign up!

WHAT'S NEW at B/Side

OUR AMAZING TEAM! Check TGS People page and keep an eye out for our growing team of collaborators and friends.

TGS LABS: Click and see what we are working on - follow us regularly for weekly updates.

B/Side Design Festival: YES! we are ready to launch our Edition 0! Stay tuned!

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