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Official Press Conference in Hong Kong | "A Day in An Open City" exhibition

We are excited and proud to announce that the official press conference for this long in the making exhibition was held in Hong Kong on June 11, 2019.

Co-organized by The Palace Museum (Beijing) and Phoenix TV with Bank of China (HK) as chief charity partner, the project is hosted in a 4000sqm hall at the Asian World Expo, where the unprecedented exhibition A Day in An Open City: A Journey Through Springtime Along the River together with a relevant Library section curated by Beatrice Leanza of B/Side Design accompanies the monumental Hayday Scroll a 2.5 digital animation of the painting presented on a 5m high and 30m long ultra-high-definition projection previously shown in Beijing, and a 180-degree Dome Theatre that allows visitors to experience a virtual boat ride on the Bian river, both developed by Phoenix Digital Technology.

This project takes the famed 11th century hand-scroll painting titled 清明上河图 (Springtime Along the River) and preserved in the collection of The Palace Museum, as its subject and represents the first instance for the museum to fully produce an exhibition anew with the purpose to travel it abroad, The Hong Kong show launches a travelling tour with destinations to be revealed later.

The press conference held at the HK headquarters of Bank of China saw representatives from the organizing entities and local officials set off the countdown.

200,000 people watched it in streaming!

Follow us here to learn more until the opening on July 26!

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