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THE CHINESE NEIGHBOURHOOD UNIT Symposium & Workshop - TGS x RCA (LND) x Tsinghua University

COMING UP this weekend! SEPTEMBER 8 TO 10, 2018 - BEIJING

We are teaming up with the Royal College of Art (London) and Tsinghua University in Beijing for a one-day Symposium and 2-day Workshop continuing our investigation on community making and its spatial implications.

Read all info on our website at the TGS LABS pages - full schedule, speakers and topics HERE.

With MAT Office we are gonig to explore the neighbourhood of XinyuanXili for which they have developed a new community regeneration plan, and elaborate further visions and operational blueprints for social sharing functions to be plugged into this historical Beijing xiaoqu during our two-day workshop.

More coming up from our events and programs!

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